Automotive Lighting

Since OLED lighting can be designed in 3D, OLED is suitable for automotive lighting application with diverse designs.
The future perspective of OLED technology in automotive lighting will be highlighted.
With multi-cooperation in applicable area of OLED automotive lighting,
Yeolight has made a variety of technical  achievements.

OLED Headlamps  
OLED Dash Light
OLED Overhead Lighting
OLED Reading Lights
OLED Rear Lights


OLED light panels, with their light weight and heat-free characteristics, have proved to be an ideal solution for home,
hotel and any other indoor environment.

OLED Wardrobe Lamp
OLED Night Light
OLED Bedside Lamp
OLED bookshelf Lights


The high CRI (>95) which the OLEDs bring in retail stores
highlights other application possibilities.

OLED Display Lighting


OLED light panels can create nice and cozy atmospheres by adjusting the brightness of the light. Dim and warm light
is perfect to create a cozy atmosphere for relaxing in the living room.

OLED Wall Lamp
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